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I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

Something purdy came in the mail today! I wonder what it could be? 😉

Yay. Its for me!

From Ann? As in Cult of Pretty?

Oh thank you! Thank you for hosting such an amazing giveaway! She’s always so darn helpful. All the reviews and advice she posts makes all these beauty questions so crystal clear.

She’s got more giveaways happening, so go check her out. Seriously.

It will solve your beauty problems. 🙂

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Comfort food

For me comfort food is food that reminds me of childhood or my mom’s cooking. There are certain smells of spices and food combinations that just completely bring me back to when I was little and living in China. My mom is an amazing cook. When I was young I thought that she could do no wrong. Still believe in that. No matter what it is she’s making or using it always seems to taste fantastic. It always seems to please my palate and I end up eating like someone who’s starving, who has not seem food in weeks.

Yesterday, I attempted to emulate that feeling. So I made noodle soup. With fairly Chinese flavours. It tasted great. But nothing like my mom’s.

Oh well. At least dinner still delicious. 🙂

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Studying head

I just can’t do it man.

I can’t seem to get my head into studying. But I must. Oh I must.

I have to study for law.

I have to.

I need to.

This isn’t working out very well. I seem to get distracted (like now…) at every opportunity and every little flicker of life. Maybe I should confine myself in a hole somewhere, get someone to lock me in and not allow me to come out until I know all there is to know for my upcoming business law midterm.

Doesn’t sound like a half bad idea.

Anyone have a hole and a lock?

How do you get into the studying mode?

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Getting down with injera.

Ethiopian Food.

Does that bring up any fond memories? It didn’t use to for me. However, after this past Monday I would have to say differently.

Not only is absolutely scrumptious!

BUT! You get to eat with your hands! The bread or injera is your utensil! Talk about getting down with your food. Really being apart of the eating experience.

Not only that the sisters that own Keeffaa Coffee were so incredibly sweet.

I had met up with the same friend a few weeks ago for breakfast (no photos sadly) and it was (obviously) delicious. However this time around, I came armed with my camera for pictures.

We had the Keeffaa Platter with beef (they had just sold out of the lamb). I could not, could NOT believe that this was suppose to be for one person. I can’t imagine who could possible eat all of this food by themselves.


That is too much food for one person. ALthough… the fat boy inside me wish I could have scarfed it down by myself. 🙂

I will be back again! Next time, I’m going for the Lamb.

Keeffaa Coffee
368 Queen St East.

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