Getting wasabi in strange places.

“I got wasabi in places where one should ever get wasabi in!”

-Samantha, Sex & the City

Today I was downtown around noon in the King & Yonge area, so I figured why not pop into Petite Thuet for some delicious macarons?

They got new flavours!

You can’t even imagine my excitement. Hehehe… The man behind the counter told me they had just received some macarons not more than half an hour ago. So I was getting them hot off the press… the macaron press that is.

I tried the Wasabi & White Chocolate macaron and the Lavender Cheesecake macaron. Let me just say. Petite Thuet has yet to disappoint.

I liked the Lavender Cheesecake flavour a lot. It had a little unexpected surprise inside. It was a delicate, faint lavender cookie portion and sandwiched between was a sweet cheesecake filling with a raspberry jam right in the centre! It was definitely a welcomed surprise. The macaron was pretty sweet though (not overly but just noticeably sweet for such a little thing). The jam centre brought everything together beautifully and made a lasting impression. It certainly made the macaron more interesting as a whole rather than a generic flavour.

Now… the Wasabi & White Chocolate macaron. Boy, oh boy! I was surprised of how much I liked it!! The wasabi didn’t have the traditional wasabi spicy kick, however its fresh and almost cleansing taste was beautiful. Somewhat akin to the effect of mint before something sweet was the ordeal. The wasabi flavour and effect on the palette made a gorgeous introduction for the generous amount white chocolate filling, which was not overly sweet (that’s a good thing!). It didn’t leave much of an aftertaste which made me very happy. The feeling in my mouth once the experience was over was fabulous, light and fresh. I hate having that horrible aftertaste from cheaply made sweets and desserts.

You could really tell that care went into creating these beauties. I love that. The macarons were almost… plumpy! It makes me so sad to see sad, decrepit little flat macarons that were made without tender loving care. Such delicate delicacies don’t deserve such mistreatment!

Well, this gives way to my dirty love affair with macarons.

I simply adore their simplicity and at the same time complexity of taste.

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