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Anxious, nervous, scared, but so excited.

The whirlwind of emotions I’m feeling at my upcoming trip.

A while ago I was accepted into the Explore Quebec program. This program is government-funded with the mission to educate more Canadians to become more fluent or at least more comfortable with French.

I am so excited to be able to partake in this program, I am so thankful for this opportunity! At the same time I’m nearly nauseated with a nervous anxiety. I’m going to be staying with a local family rather than living in a university residence. It will be even more of an immersion into a french-fuelled lifestyle. Which is fantastic, I hope they will like me.

Did I mention that English is prohibited? Its a good thing to restrict use of English to release the reliance of it and push for an intense development in French. I just hope I can get by. I’ve got a sinking suspicion that I’m not going to be speaking a lot (like I the chatterbox that I normally am).

All that said. I am nearly in nirvana. I am so content with life. I’m always a pretty happy person but often I get bursts of happiness and a sense of such thankfulness for my life. Right now, as I am typing these words, I am smiling… truly smiling from within. I can feel the beginning of an adventure emerging and I am ready to tackle it head-on. It is going to be a little scary, a lot of stumbling is going to happen, but it will be fantastic.

Life. I’m ready for you.

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That dreaded ‘E’ word.


Fun. Joy. No?


Dread. Fear. Lots of anxiety.

The time has come again, next week will be the start of a torture that occurs twice a year lasting for about 2 weeks. For this round my freedom will take rein on the 25th… at precisely noon.

It will taste so. damn. sweet.

Pray for me?

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Finished product. 🙂

I have to say, my tastebuds are plenty pleased.

I think this makes me feel much better about something I did (or rather didn’t do) this past friday. I had baked all the goodies for a bake sale, which included several types of cupcakes (both regular & mini), peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (which is the first time I’ve EVER made cookies by myself), and triple chocolate brownies.

Guess what?

I didn’t take a single picture.

Damn it.

I made to make all of these things in one night because I had a morning class Friday and the bake sale was going to be right after my class. Which meant I was elbow deep in mixing and baking. Oh, and of course screwing up because I botched the first batch of cookies.

Oh well.

I’m sad that I didn’t take any pictures. However, I’m very proud of myself for having baked all those goodies independently for the bake sale.

Yay. Go me. 🙂

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Studying head

I just can’t do it man.

I can’t seem to get my head into studying. But I must. Oh I must.

I have to study for law.

I have to.

I need to.

This isn’t working out very well. I seem to get distracted (like now…) at every opportunity and every little flicker of life. Maybe I should confine myself in a hole somewhere, get someone to lock me in and not allow me to come out until I know all there is to know for my upcoming business law midterm.

Doesn’t sound like a half bad idea.

Anyone have a hole and a lock?

How do you get into the studying mode?

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Buried alive

I’ve got a major love and hate relationship with school. Oh boy. I love that I have this opportunity to learn and I do enjoy -mostly- of what I’m learning. However I really. Really. Really. Hate exams and midterms, and generally all formats for testing.

Speaking of which, I’ve got 3 midterms lined up for next week. Each waiting to take a shot at me. I can’t wait for it to be over and I can breath easily again. Because after this week… its reading week! Granted, not going anywhere. But it is still better than having examinations looming over my head like a guillotine.

Good night.