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For Humanity.

Just click on this. For the goodness of people.

KONY 2012

Lunch time stupidity

Note to self: Don’t try to eat quinoa with a fork.

Note to self: Don’t try to eat root vegetables (carrots and beets) with a fork.



Just baked bread! Annnd forgot to take a picture, yet again before digging into it.

This is not cool. I really need to remember to photograph my creations (aha..) before taking a chunk of it. Or allowing my mom to attack it.

Oh well. At least I made it.

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Ode to summer dresses.

Summer dresses. Oh how I love you. I miss you dearly.

When will you grace me with your reappearance to my world?

Recently I’ve been on a bit of a splurge (that’s a slight exaggeration). I’ve been finding myself staring longingly at copious amounts of summer dresses. Even worse. I’ve found myself buying a couple. :s That’s not good. Considering there’s snow on the ground. I think my brain is a little fuddled about the season and what I’m physically capable of wearing.

Either way, every part of me is longing to wear summer dresses. Summer dresses and some form of protection for my feet and that is that. Nothing more… nothing less.

I. Can’t. Wait.

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All work and no play.

Seems like my reading week has kicked off to a great start. Work. Work. Work.

Everyday since the start of reading week I’ve been working. This schedule will be over soon and I for one am very glad. I can get started on school work and some social activities (I ain’t too cool. It’s okay, I can accept that.). Yay.