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Coming up for some air

I’m breathing for the first time in over a week.


I’ve finished most of my exams. I had one early in the morning today. Five down, only one more to go. Hoorah!

It is my business law exam that’s waiting for me on Wednesday. Can’t you tell I’m stoked? [Insert sarcasm, just in case you missed that. :)]

Anyhoo. I spent the rest of the day wandering around downtown. Did a little shopping (health food store shopping, riveting, yes?) and sampled some foods (of course). Kind of just kept it on the down-low. Relaxation to the max.

I did a little window shopping as well. Computer screen window shopping. On ASOS. Hellllllo window!

Here are some that tinkled for me.

Mes Cinq Choix

Daytime Beauty:
River Island Glitter Skater Dress River Island Glitter Skater Dress

If I Were a Grown Up:
ASOS Sexy Pencil Dress with Pockets

Sultry Nymph:
ASOS Bodycon Dress With Chain Back

Party Hardy!
Lipsy Bodycon Dress In Geo Print

If I Were Shameless!
Aqua Starbright Asymmetric Open Back Midi Dress

All dressed are from ASOS.

I’ve kinda really got a thing for dresses. Always have. 😉

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Ode to summer dresses.

Summer dresses. Oh how I love you. I miss you dearly.

When will you grace me with your reappearance to my world?

Recently I’ve been on a bit of a splurge (that’s a slight exaggeration). I’ve been finding myself staring longingly at copious amounts of summer dresses. Even worse. I’ve found myself buying a couple. :s That’s not good. Considering there’s snow on the ground. I think my brain is a little fuddled about the season and what I’m physically capable of wearing.

Either way, every part of me is longing to wear summer dresses. Summer dresses and some form of protection for my feet and that is that. Nothing more… nothing less.

I. Can’t. Wait.

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