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Mission Complete!

Rice cooker, we are no longer strangers. But mere acquaintances. Due to your easy nature I believe I would like to further our relationship and become better acquainted.

How does that sound? Appealing? I believe so. 🙂

Next up, some dried beans in ze rice cooker.

… Hopefully nothing explodes. 😀


Bean Spilling: I’m a little ashamed.

It’s bean spilling time…

I don’t really know how to … umm… use a rice cooker. I’ve used it before, about a couple (read: two) times before. But only with adult supervision. That’s just not right.

So. I’ve made it my goal that by the end of this week coming up, I will use it. At least once and I will be successful. Because it is shameful for a Chinese girl who was raise for half her life in China not to know how to operate her way around a rice cooker.

I'm going to conquer you.

Imma do it. Just you watch.

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