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That dreaded ‘E’ word.


Fun. Joy. No?


Dread. Fear. Lots of anxiety.

The time has come again, next week will be the start of a torture that occurs twice a year lasting for about 2 weeks. For this round my freedom will take rein on the 25th… at precisely noon.

It will taste so. damn. sweet.

Pray for me?

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Studying head

I just can’t do it man.

I can’t seem to get my head into studying. But I must. Oh I must.

I have to study for law.

I have to.

I need to.

This isn’t working out very well. I seem to get distracted (like now…) at every opportunity and every little flicker of life. Maybe I should confine myself in a hole somewhere, get someone to lock me in and not allow me to come out until I know all there is to know for my upcoming business law midterm.

Doesn’t sound like a half bad idea.

Anyone have a hole and a lock?

How do you get into the studying mode?

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